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Praying n Keeping Faith
Member # 13428
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I was told about CHTR by a Dr.that does TR and said chtr was the best ..i'm thankful the Dr. was honest and sent me here.. Dr.Berger and his staff are the nicest and caring ppl and am greatful for them.
Member # 13465
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09/09/09 is a very cool due date. My twins were born on 01/01/01.
Member # 13047
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What a COOL due date girl! 9/9/09!!
Member # 11007
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I drove to CH from Denver, Colorado. After a lot of research, testimonials I decided that CH was the ONLY place I would trust to perform my TR.

They treated me like a queen. It is like the club med of surgery centers. Truly.

I had my surgery 07/21/2009 and am happy to say that I am 31 weeks along, due 09/09/2009.

Thanks again Chapel Hill!!!

Member # 13470
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I am with all the other ladies! I had my TR last Thursday 7/2 with Dr. Montieth! My husband is a scientist and a skeptic by nature...we researched and spoke to my own OB/GYN here in PA and did more research before going with CHTRC! We are/were so pleased with our experience with the staff and facility! I wouldn't of changed a thing (except my husbands snoring at the Sheraton) LOL!

Good Luck!

Member # 13812
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I too researched at length before making my final decision, and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to have my TR on 8/3/09. Im flying from Colorado, and I will be saving about $400 by going to CHTRC but that was not the basis for my decision.

I chose CHTRC because of the testimonies, this message board, their extensive database which contributes to all of their statistic gathering, the experience of the doctors, the fact that TRs are their specialty and it is all that they do, five days a week, but.... let me tell you what solidified my decision.

It was the INTEGRITY of this site, and the over all INTEGRITY of CHTRC. I found sites that slandered other TR centers.... specifically CHTRC, and others. Where as this site forbids the discussion of other facilities, and or doctors. They will not even entertain such shameful gossip.

I found it admirable and they are the kind of institution I want to associate myself with. I trust CHTRC, and I feel very comfortable with my decision.

Member # 13481
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JessJillBolyer~I traveled from So.Cal not only to go to CHTRC for my TR, but to see and touch the Atlantic Coast, [Wink] . After 2 years of research I found 3 places here in CA where I could have it done...BUT...none were outpatient, they all required a hospital stay, and I was looking at $8000-$14000 just for the TR! I hate to fly, but I did it and I am glad I did.

I am glad you have chosen CHTRC for TR and if you suffer from PTLS you will assist in the research going on to try to find an answer for all the women sufferring.

God bless,
Sally M, RN
Member # 7389
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JessJillBolyer--I'm glad that you have made your decision to come to CHTRC. We will look forward to meeting you and taking good care of you while you are here.
Member # 13804
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Julia, RN

Thank you for so much info. I am for sure going with Dr. Berger at CHTRC. I just love how helpful everyone is. Also its only about $500 more to go there compared to the place I was looking at. I do send in my operative note and pathology report yesterday and I got a report back today from Jennifer Okun, R.N., B.S.N.
Member # 13512
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We went to CHTRC from MN. I too looked at other options, one here in MN, on in Iowa. The MN option was a starting fee of $10,000 and that did not include everything. They also perform only about 30 a year. The place in Iowa was reluctant to share info with me as far as number of surgeries, etc. and that was a HUGE red flag for me. It just became clear over time that CHTRC was the place for me. I told my husband, "If you need brain surgery do you see the surgeon who does it a couple times a month, or the surgeon who does it every single day and sees a variety of situations?"
I am so thankful for CHTRC. My experience there was great. I think that it says so much when a facility is so open with information, not just the good info, but the reality info. You don't want someone giving you a bunch of fluff or someone filling you with dread. You need people who will be real with you about your personal situation and I think that is what you get at CHTRC. Wonderful people. Wonderful care.
Julia S, RN
Member # 10
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TulipGarden has mentioned an excellent point.
There are multiple situations where other doctors could not (or would not) perform the tubal reversal surgery, such as:

1. No proximal tubal segment remains and tubouterine implantation needs to be performed.

There are few, if any, other doctors who can perform this type of operation and none could do so as outpatient surgery. At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center we can and have successfully performed this type of operation as a simple and easy outpatient surgery.

2. A fimbriectomy has been performed.

Tubal ligation by fimbriectomy involves removing a portion (usually up to one-third) of the fallopian tube closest to the ovary. To our knowledge there are no other doctors performing fimbriectomy reversal.

You can see our documented success rates at http://news.tubal-reversal.net/pregnancy-study-2007-pregnancy_rates.htm. Fimbriectomy has a 56% pregnancy rate.

3. The patient has a proximal tubal segment on one side and a distal tubal segment on the other side.

This is an unusual situation, but Dr. Berger has successfully attached these two segments to create one tube with 2/3 women becoming pregnant afterwards. This operation has not been described in the medical literature.

4. The patient is found at the time of surgery to have inherent disease of the fallopian tubes due to tubal endometriosis, salpingitis isthmica nodosa, or pelvic inflammatory disease.

In these situations, Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith correct the problem related to the diseased condition of the tube as well as restoring tubal patency via the most appropriate reversal operation.

Experience is an important indicator of whether surgery will be performed if a woman has a difficult situation due to short tubes, missing tubal segments, fimbriectomy, or inherent diseases of the tubes. While most doctors would be unwilling – or unable - to perform a reversal in one of these situations, Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith are able to repair the tubes in 98% of cases, regardless of the type of sterilization that has been performed.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Julia Smith, RN

Tanya from VA
Member # 9507
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jess - I did a lot of looking on-line before I chose CH. I originally had planned to go to Georgia. The facility was comparable to CH, but in the end I chose CH. CH was quick to respond, the literature I read was very clear, the DVD was excellent to watch and I felt Dr.Berger was simply an exceptional doctor in this particular field. The nurses never tired of answering my questions or concerns, and the care I received was outstanding. It was professional start to finish.

I'm positive the other places are just fine, and I'm sure they also produce good results. However, I can't in good conscience tell you anything other than CH is worth the extra dollars and time. Why, you ask?? Because my TR baby is asleep upstairs right now. She wouldn't be here if not for the gifted hands of Dr.Gary Berger. [Smile]

Good luck.
Member # 13451
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Honestly, we were prepared to shell out some money for this and prepared not to just pick anyone. Texas was an option and a shorter trip, but I still felt more comfortable with CHTRC based on a lot of things without going into one of my novel length posts. [Smile] I had my TR June 4th, and I don't regret it for a moment. Even if we cant ever have a baby, I know that for my situation that I used a doctor who gave me a better chance than anyone. I do feel that if I attempted to have my tubes repaired by another facility that it wouldnt have happened. I felt like I had some odds against me, I felt the TL doctor probably didnt leave much tube, which he didnt. I have had three c-sections so I felt scar tissue might be an issue with me, which it was but it did not keep Dr. B from being able to do the job. If you use a doctor who specializes in something, and does this day in and day out, they see and come across a lot more than the ones who perform fewer. I came to terms a long time ago that I probably wouldnt have anymore children, and Dr. B gave us some hope. And hope was all I needed, only time will tell the outcome. In the meantime, my tubes ARE repaired!

Lots luck in your decision.
Member # 13092
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I am glad this post was posted because I was reminded that Chapel Hill is doing a study on PTLS. This is a very real situation and it is comforting to me to know that others are listening and understand it also.
Julia S, RN
Member # 10
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Dear JessJillBolyer:

I hope the responses from the ladies here will be helpful to you. I believe one of the main reasons women are willing to travel across the US and from abroad for surgery with us is Dr. Berger's dedication to providing information on the outcomes of reversal surgery performed here. We also hear from many couples that the cost of flying to NC for surgery with Dr. Berger or Dr. Monteith cost less than staying to have the surgery at home. This is related to the doctors' experience and the fact that the short operating time means quicker recover and avoids the need for hospitalization, which can increase costs.

Did you send your operative report to our office? If so, please let me know since we respond the same day records arrive and I want to be able to follow-up on yours.

We all hope to meet you in the near future!

Julia Smith RN

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