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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » Questions about Tubal Reversal » checking to see if tubes are open?
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Member # 14187
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I would really suggest that anyone who is still wondering about CHTRC order their free DVD that shows you the actual procedure and how they do it. I am not a squeamish person at all, so it was really interesting for me to watch. It shows the actual procedure and was very informative and helps you to fully understand the procedure and why it works!
Member # 14930
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They remove it after the tubes have been put back together.
Member # 15516
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Does the stint remain implanted after surgery or do they remove it??
Member # 13384
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We had an HSG done and generally your insurance will cover it at your local hospital if they cover any infertility treatments..
Megan, RN
Member # 14922
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Question: Does Dr. Berger/Dr. Monteith check the tubes with a dye test during surgery to make sure they are open?

Answer: Due to possible problems that can occur with dye injection (hydrotubation), the use of this technique is not always an accurate indicator regarding whether the tubes are open or not and may leave a question regarding whether there is tubal patency after surgery. The stent technique is the better approach in our opinion to avoid any doubt. Another advantage of the using a stent during the operation is that it is sterile, while injecting dye solution through the cervix into the uterus and tubes may carry bacteria into the fallopian tubes.
The stent does not damage the tubes, and it ensures that they are open so a dye test is not necessary. You can see how this looks on our website at http://www.tubal-reversal.net/tubal_anastomosis_implantation.htm . There is an illustration showing the placement of the stent.
Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith sew the muscular and outer serosal layers together but not the inner endothelial layer as this may increase the risk of scar formation within the tubal lumen.

Megan, RN

Member # 15365
 - posted      Profile for HKbellababies     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Agreed WImom! I also kept coming back to CHTR. I had a list of questions that where important to me in making my decision. Looked online then made calls then back.online. more calls. CHTR kept popping back up and in the end there really was no other place that could compare!
Member # 14187
 - posted      Profile for WIMom27     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I can't remember the exact reasons, but when I was first researching a couple of years ago I had called CHTRC and talked to one of the nurses and asked some questions. I was also looking at some other places (Lakeshore was one of them) that did use the HSG. I recall the nurse talking to me about using the HSG during or immediately after surgery was actually a concern for the possibility of pushing debris into the tubes and actually causing a blockage as well as some issues with keeping everything sterile, etc. Maybe on the of the nurses can chime in here on this, as I do not remember all of the reasons... but if you watch the DVD of the procedure you can see how Dr. B and Dr. M do this surgery at CHTRC and it just makes sense to me to go with them!

I completely understand how confusing it is when you are researching because EVERYONE tells you why their center or their surgery or their doctors are better than anyone else. However, with years of research on this, I keep coming back to CHTRC because of their statistics and the fact that they are completely specialized with TR. I am also impressed by the fact that you will occasionally see comments on the message board from the doctors and the nursing staff also keeps a close eye on things and answers questions or make comments right away.

Good luck on your decisions.
Member # 15365
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CHTR will let you know whether they we're able to open your tubes or not right after surgery. There is a slight chance that sometimes in the months following surgery one or both tubes might become blocked. As far as chosing Chapelhill, Their success rates on repairing them are very high do to their experience. They are the only drs on the US that ONLY do TR. Theres something to be said about that! They recommend NOT having an HSG done until 6 months after surgery if you are closer to 40. Otherwise 1 year after. They make theses
recommendations for a reason. Apparently this
text can sometimes cause infection or scar the
tubes. These Drs are fabulous!!! They are the experts. They put great care in the success of your TR even after you leave with all the pregnancy testing protocol, hsg test recommendations etc. Personally I would never go elsewhere. Good luck
Member # 15475
 - posted      Profile for wantingnumber4     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Set on CHTRC (doing our deposit after DF's semen analysis comes back - getting the doc's order on Friday YAY!) but I noticed another person on here mentioned Lakeshore so I checked out their site and saw they did the dye test so got me wondering. Any ladies know how much something like that runs?
Member # 15467
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wantingnumber4, when I called and asked them if they do the HSG after they've done the procedure, they said no. (If you're comparing CHTRC to Lakeshore.)
Meridith W, RN
Member # 15186
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During your TR the Doctors will re-open your tubes. This is all included in your price. For more information on how they re-open your tubes please take a look at Tubal Reversal Illustrations to get a better idea of how they re-open tubes.
If you have anymore questions feel free to give us a call 919-968-4656.

Meridith, RN
Member # 15475
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During the TR procedure do the doctors check to see if the tubes are in fact open? If so is this included in the price and if not how much does something like that run? I would think after a year of not becoming pregnant I would probably opt to have this done so looking to see if anyone has found and additional expenses that may come after the fact (not counting IUI since I know some have undergone that)
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