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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » Preparing for Tubal Reversal » When to BD after positive OPK???
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Rhonda B
Member # 9485
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Dear Jessie,
Once you note a positive on your OPK, you should have relations the day of the surge as well as the following two days. This should be your most fertile time in your cycle. I wish you much success.
Member # 10498
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OMG , that would be awesome! I will say a prayer for you that its positive.Did you use preseed? What were your tube lengths? Please let me know about your results as soon as you can. You can email me at audie29@aol.com .My DD Sheri got a kick out of your Mom , she really enjoyed meeting her. I wish we would hear something from our other April 23 girl, she was very nice and so was her DH. I hope she is having good luck. So far I think we have had 3 April girls with bfp's but unfortunatly one is m/c. I will email you.

Member # 10992
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How are you doing? I'm fine.Well i have to tell u this. After the tr 4/23/07,i started my cycle on 4/26/07.in which was a normal cycle 24,25 day monthly for me,Persistent this year. Well,i was fertile about 5th,6th,7th,of May.I bd the first time since surgery on the 5th. so i was right on target,GUESS WHAT it's been almost 30 days on friday the 25th, with no af,I went today to take a blood preg.test to make sure i'll know by tommorrow evening,I'm nervous but i've cramping off and on for a week,but no af, i never like her anyway i won't miss her if i'am pregs. I tried a urine pregnancy test this morning but it was negative i never had a accurate with them anyway.I will keep you imformed as u let me know how u are doing,keep the faith and good luck.
Member # 10498
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Mary and Jenn
Thanks for the replies.He will be tired but I know he wont complain, LOL.......Jessie
Jennifer K.
Member # 7884
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A woman usually ovulated 36-48 hours after a positive OPK. So, if you BD the day you get your first positive OPK then chances are you will be BD'ing the day before you ovulate. BD the next 2-3 days should cover it. If you chart your temp you can BD once a day until you see a thermal shift in your temp. If you don't temp then BD'ing for a total of 4 days should cover it. BTW, an egg lasts for about 24 hours while sperm survive up to 5 days (though 3 days is more realistic). HTH

Member # 10150
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Once you actually ovulate.. the egg only is good for several hours.. so you want to BD before.. and its best to have the sperm waiting on the egg. So BD before you O' and the day of and even the day after [Smile] Hope this helps
Member # 10498
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Okay, I know you are supposed to start BDing when you get a positive on the OPK, and unless you were told DH has a sperm count issue, you can do it daily instead of every other day, so my first question is: How many days do I keep doing it once I get the positive ? Next question: Do you want the swimmers to already be in there waiting for the egg, therefor making sure you have sex BEFORE you actually O? And what if you dont do it until AFTER you O, the egg lives for awhile before it dies off right? So, is it Okay then to make the deposit right BEFORE and right AFTER? Hope this makes sence and isnt too confusing.

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