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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » Preparing for Tubal Reversal » BMI too high... losing weight (Page 1)
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Member # 11630
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no i have never.... I only have mine tied.
Member # 9099
 - posted      Profile for marilynn     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
we're aiming for march after the income tax refund. i faxed my post-op report and rhonda told me i may have to have a tubouterine inplantation.have you ever heard of that?
Member # 11630
 - posted      Profile for Laila     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
that is so nice to hear you are coming to VA. When will you be getting your tubal reversal?
Member # 9099
 - posted      Profile for marilynn     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
yeah moving back to va in 2008 my dh and i would like to be back by next summer, but no later than oct
Member # 11630
 - posted      Profile for Laila     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
It is Orange Cab but we are based out of Newport News, but sometimes pick up in Hampton if we are not to busy.
P.S. Are you moving here in 2008?
Member # 9099
 - posted      Profile for marilynn     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
laila!, i am originally from hampton and my dh and are going to be moving back there sometime next year. what is the name of your cab company? i can almost gaurantee i have gotten a ride from you (them)! lol
Member # 11630
 - posted      Profile for Laila     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
patty, you have said you had the surgery before? If yes, It did not work?
Member # 8586
 - posted      Profile for pattync_28610     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Hey Laila, your partner is here...lol...I have had 1 diet dr. pepper today..(gosh I sure do want a coke)..wow I might just try and eat tuna, chicken and veggies, fruit along with lots of water but like you said Laila only I would eat that at night after 6:30pm...

Laila, your doing an amazing job on working out...I'm going to start walking once the rain stops here...

Member # 11630
 - posted      Profile for Laila     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Ok, Where did my partner go? Patty??? Well, went to Bally's and it felt good this time. I have a tredmill at my office but you know that I think I worked harder this time at the gym. Maybe looking at skinny woman helped lolll. Well, I will be one of them soon. [Cool] Plain tuna wow. I like my fasting. It goes off slowly and I see my pants getting baggier. I am going to go to the gym every morning mon - fri. Laila
PS. Good luck everyone. Thanks so much for the encouragement!! [Love]
Member # 11009
 - posted      Profile for LLennox6     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Hi Traci,

I agree with you since reading more & experiencing the weight loss only to find when I stopped it for a couple days this weekend, I feel like I gained it back. I got on the scale & it seemed as if 3 lbs came back. So I've decided to try the 800 calorie a day dite consisting of poached eggs, grapefruit & cottage cheese. I'm desparate...lol...but not enuf to kill myself.
Sarah M, RN
Member # 9766
 - posted      Profile for Sarah M, RN     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Hi Tammy,

Our BMI limit for surgery with Dr. Berger is 34.9. Good luck with your weight loss and we hope to see you as a patient soon!

Member # 11603
 - posted      Profile for tamh1118     Edit/Delete Post     
Hi everyone, i too give you guys credit for working so hard at trying to lose weight for TR. Does anyone know what the requirements are for being a candidate?? Maximum weight and maximum BMI?? I think i will be on the edge of qualification and would like to know what i have to do to ensure i am ready in the spring. Thanks for the info
Member # 10536
 - posted      Profile for JerseyCouple     Edit/Delete Post     
I give all you ladies major props for losing weight for your Tubal Reversals. I figured I would share my story with yous. My BMI was too high also, I had to lose about 30 pounds in 1 1/2 months! I had my tubal reversal 2/13/07 and started losing weight on New Years Day when I found out I would have the money for Tubal Reversal. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my entire life. I joined the gym and worked out 2 times a day for an hour and a half each time. I went on a VERY strict diet of plain tuna, plain romaine lettuce, yogurt, fruit, veggies and once in awhile a south beach diet meal. It was AWFUL! I would sit there and cry just about everyday. I would rather give birth 10 times than to go through that again. The BMI was 33 at the time. A week before my surgery I found out they up-ed it to 35 I was so happy I just couldnt stop crying that is how happy I was. I was so nervous the entire time. I even brought my scale with me to Chapel Hill because weigh can fluctuate like 5 pounds from morning to night. Well during the pre-op consultation the first thing they do when they bring u back is weigh u, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when they finally weighed me and I made it by like 8 pounds. I did it WAY too fast and I would suggest that if u do have to lose weight for tubal reversal u do it slowly. My periods were like clock work before I started dieting and exercising. Well I went 57 days without a period, I finally got my period 3 days after tubal reversal. And ever since, I have had to take provera to induce my period because I had a 56 day cycle after that, and havent go my period on time since. How the 2 are related, I have no idea. I am now pregnant the second time since my Tubal Reversal with only 1 fallopian tube! The first one I lost, it was a blighted ovum. This one, is so far so good and I got Friday at 9:30 to look for the heartbeat. It was all worth it, but there were times when I would actually consider giving up that it wasnt worth it. I look back at it now like how could I ever have thought that? Bringing a new child into this world and watching my husbands face light up everytime I took those pregnancy tests, or even at the last ultrasound when we seen the yolk sac, is priceless. I feel so blessed that I am able to give him this gift that we always wanted. You ladies, are so strong for doing this, when your feeling like you can't go on, just look at it as a bump in the road, because in the end the outcome is gonna be phenomenal!!
EDD 6/20/08
Member # 11630
 - posted      Profile for Laila     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
You eat only chicken? 3 times a day? I went to Bally's today and walked on the tredmill for 10 minutes and then went to the bike for 20 minutes. and went swimming for 30 minutes. I tried everything today lol... Laila
Member # 9198
 - posted      Profile for pumpkin_powers     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I had to lose weight for my surgery also. I started the first week of jan and had my surgery on march 7,2006. I only ate boneless skinless chicken breast and asparagus and lost 49lbs in that amount of time. I know it doesn't sound like much of a variety but it's better than just drinking liquids all the time. I also walked on my treadmill everyday for at least 45 min. I hope this helps. I know the thought of having my fertility back was a huge motivator for me to stay on track and not go off the diet. Lots of luck to you all.
TR 3-7-06
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