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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » After Tubal Reversal » does fertility blend for men work?
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Member # 9198
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My DH took Fertility Blend for Men and he had a severe allergic reaction to it. He's not allergic to anything else that he's ever taken but with the Fertility Blend he broke out in hives and his throat started swelling to the point that he was coughing trying to breathe. He was only able to take it twice so I can't say if it works or not.
Member # 2899
 - posted      Profile for wanting     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
thanks ladies we are willing to try anything at this point im trying to keep my head up but i am getting discouraged he dosent have any kids and i feel bad because i feel like i am taking an expierence away from him he dosent know how i feel maby i will just take a break for a month or so
Member # 11469
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Hey wanting!

I do know of some things that I read that might help. Drink green tea - I make this by the 2 qts - 8 tea bags and half boiling water - fill the rest of the way with water and refrigerate - most DH are too cool to drink hot tea.

Don't bicycle - in the gym or otherwise - best to walk or run. No tight pants or shorts - have him switch to boxers if he can - no hot baths, no not tubs. The heat kills the sperm.

Also, remember that sperm take 75 days to mature - the things you do now will help in a cycle or too - possibly with the exception of avoiding heat which helps right away!!!!!!

My DH did take a fertility vitamin high in zinc and selenium but watch those natural 'herbs' unless you are sure you know what they do. Some can be really toxic and interact with medications he may have to take for blood pressure etc.

Use Preseed...use preseed...use preseed!!!

And one other thing we did - I know this is going to sound gross but DH ate Oysters the whole time I O'd. Every day for lunch - oyster stew or sauteed oysters - very VERY high in zinc. We also ate Salmon - grilled 2x's weekly.

There is one other thing as well - when we BD'd we tried to make sure we were both aroused. It was hard because we had to do it so frequently and we knew we were there for a purpose and it was different from what we were used to but we really tried!

Good luck - I hope this one sticks for you!
Member # 7110
 - posted      Profile for lesliebrown569     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
you never know what could happen.there are so many stories that people have had where they thought it would never happen and it did.when the time is right ,it will happen.So just be encouraged and hope for the best.

Member # 2899
 - posted      Profile for wanting     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
thanks for the replys we were looking into iui but i ovulate on a sunday so i cant find a dr.so we are stuck and we had him tested before and the urologists said his sperm count was marginal we had one pos in feb i tested early and then i got my af the day after it was due so i guess it didnt implant but after 2 years of having unprotected bd and trying for 1 1/2 years i guess we can honestly say its not going to happen naturally for us and with him working out of town alot its hard now to hit the right days.so im just frustrated
Member # 7110
 - posted      Profile for lesliebrown569     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I cannot speak for every man because people are different .My hubby took fertility blend for 2 or 3 months and nothing happened.But he is also a smoker and maybe that makes the difference with him.It may work for you guys though! God Bless

Tanya from VA
Member # 9507
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I bought a brand from Rite-Aid - MultiSource for men. I read in TCOYF that selinium and zinc were both important to healthy sperm production so the way I figure it can't hurt. I think any multivitamin is as good as another, but I'd make sure the selinium and zinc are both adequate.

My dh started taking it in March of this year - and I got a BFP in May and a second in September. I can't say that's the reason but they are good for your dh's anyway and anything that might help is a plus IMHO.

Good luck.

Rhonda B
Member # 9485
 - posted      Profile for Rhonda B      Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Dear eanting,
I am sure that others will post with things that there dh has tried. I know that there is vitamins for men that have been posted here before that dh's have tried. Has your dh been tested? Good luck.
Member # 2899
 - posted      Profile for wanting     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
dh is wanting to try a vitamin to increase his sperm count and motility does anyone have any suggestions?does fertility blend work? what does anyone suggest that works
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