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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » After Tubal Reversal » 2 year TR anniversary today
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Member # 10652
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Guess I figured "he" got his fingers full....

Didn't really look at the fine details! Went back and looked... definitely not a "single gold band" on the finger... and there are "finger nails."

Oh! This TTC game!

I wish you success Tara!

Member # 9544
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Lol Chrissy, that's me not DH. Had no clue my hands looked so mannish!
Member # 10652
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Best of Luck to you!

Great shot of DH holding.... EWCM??? Too funny!

Member # 9544
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Well, 2 years ago today I was reclining in Dr. Berger's office with an I.V. waiting for my turn to have surgery, lol. I still have fond memories of the experience - everyone was so great there, and very caring.

Although I never thought I'd see this day without a baby in the house, I really am not sad because I know God has his own timing in these things. I don't think DH & I would have been ready with everything our teenagers were putting us through before, but things are much improved. At this point, I really don't even know if a baby is in our future, but if one is, I think we are ready now.

Many of you know my story, but for those that don't, I had 3 or 4 early m/c's within the first 6 months of TR and then nothing. Went for an HSG at the 10 month mark in March '07 and no dye spilled, so I was told both tubes were blocked. (Dr. B confirmed rt tube blocked, lt inconclusive.) Then I had a Lap/hysteroscopy in May '07 only to find out I was full of scar tissue inside the pelvic cavity, the tubes AND my uterus. No wonder nothing could implant! So anyway, I was upset, of course, but refused to take the news lying down. I took some powerful systemic enzymes for 3 months to try to get rid of scar tissue. It helped alot because it brought my spotting days from more than a week before my period every cycle, down to only 2 days. I then saw an RE last October, he did an SHG on me and said he didn't think I had Asherman's anymore. (the uterine scar tissue). He sent me for a pelvic MRI and another condition, Adenomyosis, was diagnosed then. Soooo...I decided to try the Felopio herbal treatment for getting scar tissue out of the reproductive tracts, and this is my 4th month using it. I have had a lot of scar tissue come out in the last 3 months, and now it appears to be down to a minor amount with alot smaller particles. After my 1st month of the treatment, I had another HSG and the blockages had moved, so I knew it was working - 2 months ago the blockage in the right tube was only 0.5 cm from the end, and so it should be completely out now, but I'll have to have another HSG to confirm after I'm completely done with the treatment. Because of the Asherman's, I have had to do the treatment longer than most women do, but I have seen some big scar tissue particles come out, and you know those are way too big to be coming from the tubes.
Anyway, this is some of what I've been through in the last 2 years since surgery, and I'm still plodding along. All I want is to have a healthy reproductive system, so that God can decide whether to give us a child or not.
Here is my FF homepage - if you are squeemish, don't look because there are pics of the scar tissue that has come out of me.
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