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Myrna W.
Member # 11121
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Congratulations and please keep us posted.

Member # 11856
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Red clover I took from right after O until the next O only because I knew that I wasnt pregnant. They say to go from AF to O because there is differing opinions on if you can take it in early pregancy. I knew I wasnt because it was my first cycle so I went ahead and took it from O to O. I stopped taking it the week of O not the exact day that I was scheduled to O. As I said I didnt temp, I just look on "my fertility cycles.com" and it gives you an O date according to your cycles.
Also now that I have a BFP I am told that NETTLE is a good thing to take. It is avery beneficial herb and therefore good to take at any time.
Just an FYI, I am a soy milk drinker. I also developed an aversion to this and a craving for cow milk which is very weird for me. I read that very week that soy milk is not good for you when TTC because it is high in estrogen.
If I think of any more info I will add it in.
Good luck!! sending lots of baby dust!!! [Smile]
Member # 11493
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Thank you Medicmom33 for taking your time to explain everything. What about the red Clover?

I have made notes and I am going straight to the herbal store after work. (LOL)


Member # 11856
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P.S touch more info....
I am 35 my Dh is 42
I have 4 children 19,17,15,13 he has 2 children 11,8
TL 1995 falope rings
TR March 27th 2008
tube lengths were 7 cm both sides
Member # 11856
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Ok I hope that I can keep this all in order.
I took the omega 369 everyday. My herbalist had me taking even more than what is directed on the bottle, and I have a very healthy diet. I take 4000mg of omega 369 (pro omega).Im in canada so maybe different brands but it is best to buy from a health food store as they tend to be more complete and have no fillers. I also take Super Matragen (prenatal) 4 capsules a day. Its important to read the label on prenatals as alot of them do not have the proper amount of folic acid in just 1-2 capsules and again look for one that is not full of fillers etc...
Those are taken everyday and should be started up to 3 months before TTC. As should any bad habits be stopped (3 mths before).
Red clover from AF to O or if you know you are NOT preggo than I took it straight through from right after O to next O. It was my first cycle so I knew I wasnt pregant. There are differing opinions on if it is safe in early pregnancy. If you have history of MC than you should stop red clover at O time.
Red rasberry tea (health food store) not just tetle brand. I drank one tea every morning. Same rule applies though if history of MC stop drinking at O time. It was funny, it was the first thing I had an aversion to before my BFP and I think it was body telling me not to drink it.
EPO same thing from cd1 to O. Supposed to help with cm.
I bought pre seed but it didnt arrive until after O so I guess wont be needing it for now, since I got BFP. As long as it stays stuck.
I took the max dose of benadryl expectorant. Has to be an expectorant. It makes any mucus in your body more watery, hense does the same for CM. I thought for sure that I wouldnt have conceived this first try, I thought that CM was too creamy and never saw it change even with all of the above craziness.
I didnt do any temping or anything like that. I just kept track that I know the approx. O date and BD every single day (we usually do anyways) and threw in a couple of extra's in interesting places. I really beleive that it happened one of the times it happened "in an interesting" place. In fact I even said, "that just got me pregnant".
So I say throw in some of the herbal things as I think they really helped. I feel the rasberry tea was my thing (not sure why just a gut feeling) and for Goodness sake have fun and try to not make it a stressful thing. I have to admit every time we BD I was thinking about my DH doing his thing and making sure it was all good and I hated that, its very distracting. It was the one time when we were playful and I was having fun and not thinking about getting pregnant that I think I did. I hate to add this in here as I have been "told off" on other threads but I also prayed ALOT and surrendered my fate to God. It was hard as I feared that I wouldnt like the choice that was made for me. SO many people say it is in his hands and his choice as to WHEN it will happen and I was afraid to be disapointed. I am thankful and blessed.
If you need anything else I will be happy to help.
Member # 5192
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Wow Medicmom, how lucky to get your bfp so fast!!! CoNgRaTs!

Member # 11493
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Medicmom33: I have read lots of good things about the Red Clover. Can you give us a list and CD/DPO days you took all the Vitamins and Herbs.
I wouldn't mine trying some natural and maybe we all can get BFP!!! (lol)

O'Sorry Congrats, I am so happy for you.

Member # 11856
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Im not sure about green tea, isnt it caffeinated (sp) I just got BFP on first cycle trying, and I was taking prenatals,epo,red clover and drinking rasberry leaf tea. Oh and also omega 369. I drank diet soda ALOT before TTC. I quite all caffeine three months before and started all the above routine. I also did the benadryl expectorant for 1 week before O and during "O". I may have gotten BFP without all of this but I just wanted to do everything I could to get the BFP right away. I also prayed ALOT but I wont get into that on this board anymore. If you want to know anymore info I would be happy to give you the info I got from the herbalist.
Member # 12086
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I have to agree with you last cycle I would drink a lot of Sprite thinking that since it was decaffinated it was o.k. well while it may have been o.k. my who cycle I was sticky, dry, creamy, but this was after a doing a vaginal CM check 'cause I was not seeing it on TP(sorry TMI). I stopped drinking sodas and included EPO (evening primrose oil) with my vitamin and boy oh boy I have CM galore and this is only CD10 for me. It could have been the EPO but I want to credit water first. Water is nature's way of cleansing us and while taking prenatals and preparing our bodies for our babies, the sacrifice is worth it.

Member # 12279
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You said decaf iced tea, does anyone know anything about green tea? I heard it was also good for fertility.
Member # 12062
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Thanks for the tip.
Member # 10680
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I just wanted to let those of you ttc who drink soda regularly that switching to water may help. I gave up soda last month for dietary reasons and the changes in my cm in just a few weeks was extremely noticable!! I've been drinking water, decaf iced tea, and small amounts of juice. Just a tip if you're having cm issues. Good luck to all of you ttc!!
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