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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » After Tubal Reversal » mini ivf, iui and ivf ????
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Whitney, RN
Member # 14645
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Alynn is correct. IUI is when they inject sperm into your uterus in hopes of conceiving.This would not be an option if your tubes have been tied bc the egg needs to become fertilized in the fallopian tube. IVF is when doctors fertilize the egg outside of the body and then insert it into your uterus. IVF cycles can be close to 6,000.00 a session. TR is cheaper and yields greater pregnancy rates then that of IVF. Have you spoken to your OBGYN about fertility medications? Are you using Ovulation predictor kits, are you ovulating? Hope this helps. Dont hesitate to call us with questions!
Whitney, RN [CHTRC]
Member # 14642
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A IUI and sperm wash with my ob is 248.00 and maost docs will allow you to make payments...
Member # 14998
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what is the cost of an IUI??
Member # 11495
 - posted      Profile for Taliah0305     Edit/Delete Post     
I had an IUI last month and it did work even though i lost the baby you can still have a successful iui after and TR
Member # 15004
 - posted      Profile for Alynn629     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
IUI = Intrauterine insemination. They inject the semen into your uterus so they can fertilize your egg when its released. If you have had your tubes tied this will not work. Not sure on mini ivf.. I have been following a group of women's IVF journeys on an IVF message board. Its a hard process and often times doesn't yield the result desired. It is also very expensive. I encourage you to find some online message boards to follow as well as this one here to get a feel for what they both entail and see which is more appealing. It took me several months to decide which route I wanted to go. You will get a pretty good feel for the emotions involved for both. Tubal reversal is less expensive then IVF, typically does not require injections of any type, and you can TTC every month. Check out online statistics for both IVF and TR in regards to your age as well.
Member # 15140
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what is the difference and which would be better considering a tubal factor. I don't understand at all what IUI is?? and mini ivf is a lot cheaper and didn't know if there is a reason for that? me and my husband are just considering options. thanks to anyone that has any advice.
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