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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » After Tubal Reversal » How long after TR do you have to wait before you can have sex? (Page 1)
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Member # 4827
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Hey Tammy, I know how you feel about the insurance thing, I just received a letter a few weeks ago saying I had been denied due to High Blood pressure and this was after I had already scheduled my TR. We were planning on getting preg. about October so I would be covered but then all things changed very quickly! After figuring everything it was still going to cost us the same with or without my insurance because we had a 5000 deductable. I called the hospital and my OB and got them down to a cash rate + they deduct 25% if it is paid within 30 days our total to have the baby (should ALL be normal) is going to be 5800, not much difference with or without the insurance. The etras of course will be the Ultrasounds and bloodtest but, I am praying like crazy we have a normal pregnancy and delivery. Thought this might give a little light your way, I know I started stressing when I found out my bad news and then after research things didnt really look so bad after all. The bright side also is now I don't have to wait till Oct to BD!!
I wish you the best of luck and hope you get blessed with baby dust very soon! [Wink] [Smile]
Member # 5132
 - posted      Profile for Sam&Shale     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
We decided not to use condoms because when god is ready for us to get preg. then it will happen. We never used them before and do not want to alter our sex life at all because we love it the way it is without putting intentional changes to it unless it adds more fun and condoms..ick! lol...anyway baby dust to all!
Talk soon.
I should go to bed now [Smile]
Member # 861
 - posted      Profile for Tammy3     Edit/Delete Post     
Thanks for asking,
I had my tr 04/04/01
comming up on 3yr anniversary this April
But I only have one open tube so it will take longer
for me if it ever even happens,I'm still hopeful,if I had to do it all over again I would have still did things in the order of my last post(just me)
I think if I had never lost Ins coverage I would possibly be pg by now bc at the time I was doing inject+IUI and it was working just great [Big Grin]
as far as stimming and follicles go,it has pushed me back a year [Mad]
so I am now taking matters into my own hands [Wink]

I wish you lotssa Luck sis
Tammy [Smile]
Member # 4827
 - posted      Profile for Misty7     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Tammy, how are you doing now? How long since your TR?
Thank you for the advice, I didnt finish my first paragragh before.
Hope you are you feeling better.
Have a great day, Misty [Smile]
Member # 4827
 - posted      Profile for Misty7     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I am sorry. Looks like I better go shopping for the condoms. This is going to be a weird moment, never bought them before, I'll look lost I am sure. Hey, shouldnt he go pick them out? [Eek!]
Member # 861
 - posted      Profile for Tammy3     Edit/Delete Post     
had tr, came home next day after 800 mile drive,
jumped dh,
mc the next cycle,
was too soon [Frown]

Member # 4827
 - posted      Profile for Misty7     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
We will.. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Smile] [Roll Eyes] [Eek!] [Wink] [Big Grin]
Laura D, RN
Member # 1387
 - posted      Profile for Laura D, RN     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Hi Ladies. Our recommendation is that you wait until after your next menstrual period before trying to conceive after TR. You may have intercourse as soon as you are comfortable to do so, but you may want to use protection such as a condom during that first cycle. Hope this helps! Have fun! [Smile]
Member # 4993
 - posted      Profile for February12     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
LOL Protection that we use is condoms. My husband hates them. But, I've not really felt that amorous yet anyway. My incision is being stubborn and not healing completely yet. Still very sore too. But, when we did do it once, we used a condom. I have to say I couldn't wait for it to be over because even though he was gentle it still was uncomfortable to me. You can use other things too, but that seems to be the quickest and easiest way. I can't imagine getting pregnant just a month or two after this TR. It seems like my belly would be stretching from being pregnant too soon after the surgery. But, with my 2 kids I showed really fast. Everyone is different.
Member # 4827
 - posted      Profile for Misty7     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
That is a great question about protection, do we need to use it for a while and by the way, what is protection? I have never used any! [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Misty [Wink]
Member # 5266
 - posted      Profile for cshafer     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Okay so after tr and cycle complete if you have TLC (do you need to use protection) to let yourself heal???? just wondering
Member # 1996
 - posted      Profile for angelsbaby629     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Dr. B usually says to wait 1 full cycle to see how your cycles go after TR. Also to let your body adjust to having everything done, and also I would guess to give everything time to heal. It does stink, but in the same sence, it would make great sense to wait and see what your cycle does. Some women have had there cycle thrown off due to TR.
As for the ?...... My dh * I BD'D 3 days later, I agree on the "not having him on top" We found ways around that tho.hehehehehe [Wink] we used a couple of pillows under me and use your imagination [Wink] good luck and congrats on your TR! Jessie
Member # 4827
 - posted      Profile for Misty7     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Why do you have to wait a full cycle? [Big Grin]
Member # 4953
 - posted      Profile for tammysdream     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I had sex 3 days after Tr. It was fine, not uncomfortable as long as he didn't lay on top of me. hope this helps.
Member # 2548
 - posted      Profile for weasel520     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
That is a good question! [Wink] So if you are right in the beginning of your cycle you can't BD that month? Does that mean that you would have to wait until the following month? That would kind of stink, but I guess you may not feel like doing anything that month anyway. If anyone else has an thought or anything on this please let us know!

Chris [Wink]
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