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» Tubal Reversal Message Board » New Message Board Members » Pre-seed.. Does it really work?
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Member # 9342
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I had my tubes tied during the c section of my 3rd child, my daughter Brooklynn. She was a healthy 8lb 10 oz girl, but she died unexpectedly 4 days later from a twisted intestine. I so regret having the reversal! Is there anyone who understands?? I want to have a reversal so badly..help.
Member # 9256
 - posted      Profile for bryankathy     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Heather...you are too funny...but I can definitely see where you are coming from. My DH keeps going on & on about trying for a boy. Says he wants to do EVERYTHING possible to get one..makes me want to try for a girl too....I say let it be in gods hands.I don't care what it is as long as I get pregnant & have a healthy baby. maybe I'll stop off at the mall next week and have myself a little reading time.My TR is march 9th...should prepare mself for TTC don't you think?
Member # 7585
 - posted      Profile for Digger     Edit/Delete Post     
This is a one time surgery, don't you want the most experienced Dr to perform it so you have a better chance of conceiving?I certainly did which is why I never considered going anywhere but Dr Berger [Big Grin] Best of luck to you in whatever you decide!
TR 2/2/05
EDD 7/12/06
Member # 9337
 - posted      Profile for break     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
Has anyone checked into getting tr in mexico.
Member # 7585
 - posted      Profile for Digger     Edit/Delete Post     
Preseed is a sperm freindly lubricant that some of the ladies use while TTC especially if they don't have much CM.I never used it but some of the ladies like it.You may want to check it out for yourself and best of luck on your journey [Smile]

My u/s tech said that in her experience women who used the Chinese gender predictor got the correct gender 80% of the time.You can check it out on-line,it uses your age and the month of conception to determine what gender you will have.It was correct for me with both my kids.Best of luck hon [Smile]

 - posted      Edit/Delete Post       
Hi Trish, there is a book "out there" called "Choosing the Sex of Your Baby" that claims to help you predict it. It doesn't cost much ($13 I think) and I saw it at Barnes and Noble. Even if you don't care about choosing the sex, it is really useful to read about what kills sperm.

It says that the male sperm are more sensitive to temperature change, and also don't live as long, so the closer TTC is to ovulation, the more likely that a male sperm (which are faster swimmers) will be the "winner" whereas the female sperm are hardier but slower swimmers. Okay, bad synopsis. You'll have to read about the book online or look through it at Barnes and Noble like I did. I was just trying to figure out how to get another girl because my DH keeps saying he wants a boy first. lol. We are in competition already! Heather
Member # 9282
 - posted      Profile for Christy&David2006     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
What is pre seed I have never heard of it?
Member # 8584
 - posted      Profile for MCGINGER2     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I've heard that if you dont have much cm it does help. I used it for 2 months and then stopped. The next month I conceived without using it, but saddly lost it to e/p. Like Kim said, I dont think it can hurt. Best of luck!
Jenn W
Member # 8739
 - posted      Profile for Jenn W     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I'll be able to let you know in about 9 days. I used Pre-Seed this month for the first time. I was surprised at how much it resembles EWCM. In my 20's I had plenty of it, but now at 35 and after some cryosurgery on my cervix I'm needing a little help. I just figured it couldn't hurt so I went for it.

Member # 7996
 - posted      Profile for KimSmi     Edit/Delete Post   Send New Private Message     
I've seen a few ladies on here who conceived their first month trying Preseed. No way to know if that was what did the trick, but I know it can't hurt. I have some to use if the need arises, but I have stopped using it JUST to try and aid conception if I don't want the lubrication. They are pre-filled applicators and there is a lot of lubricant in one tube!

6 boys...wow. My cousin has 5 boys, all younger than my daughter, who is only about to turn 7 in May! [Eek!]

Good luck,
Pink Patty
Member # 9326
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Hi ladies,

Quick question....does Pre-seed really work? I wanted to know if there are firm believers out there. Also, trying for a girl. (6 boys) Hmmm does this better our chances?

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